Strap in! Unlocking the Truth are ready to rock your world and they're teaming up with Loudwire to exclusively bring you their new video for "Take Control."

Unlocking the Truth caught a lot of buzz a few years back when they were filmed performing on the streets of New York City. You might not initially catch it with the band donning masks, but this is a teen trio that rocks well beyond their years. Take a listen as they amp up the fury, wail on guitar and deliver a killer low end on their new song "Take Control."

The video itself is a mix of their hard-hitting performance with a more conceptual vision of mask-wearing youths getting together via bikes, skateboards and any means necessary to meet up with the band to rage along.

The track itself is viewed as a rallying cry against bullying. Drummer Jarad Dawkins comments, “I remember when I used to be bullied in school for the music that I love to play, the jeans that I love to wear. I always told myself that everything is going to be alright. You are going to take control of the world one day.”

The band is ramping up to the June 17 street date for their full-length debut album Chaos. Unlocking the Truth worked with acclaimed producer Johnny K in the studio on the album. If you like "Take Control," the song will be made available as an instant grat track when the Chaos pre-sale goes live on iTunes.

Singer-guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse commented, “We can’t wait for everyone to hear our album. We’ve worked very hard to give the fans something they’ll love and never forget. We hope they are able to relate to the songs the way that we do and have the time of their lives listening to them. We know that this album will blow you guys away.”

In other news, look for Unlocking the Truth as the focus of the upcoming documentary, Breaking a Monster. An exclusive feature-film account of the band's experience with the major record industry, Breaking a Monster, will release this summer. SeeThink Films has launched a Kickstarter campaign this month in support of an even wider theatrical presence.

Look for Unlocking the Truth hitting the road in the coming months. Keep up with their tour dates at this location.

Unlocking the Truth, "Take Control"


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