For twenty years, Slash had to endure the question countless times: "Will you ever rejoin Guns N Roses?" Now that he's back with the legendary band that he founded, it's a testament to his commitment to his own music that fans were excited when a new album by Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators was announced.

Last night [October 5], when the band played New York's new rooftop club, Pier 17, only one GNR song made the setlist: "Rocket Queen." There was one Velvet Revolver song as well, "Fall To Pieces." The rest of the night was dedicated to Slash's solo repertoire, most of which features Kennedy on vocals (a few of the songs from 2010's Slash originally featured other vocalists).

No one seemed to mind that the GNR guitarist stuck with his solo material: "Back From Cali," "You're a Lie" and "Starlight" are regarded by bona fide classics by his loyal audience, and new songs from Living the Dream (including "Mind Your Manners" and "Driving Rain") broke the stereotype that fans of legacy artists aren't interested in new music.

On the day of the show, Guns announced yet another concert on their extensive reunion tour; Myles Kennedy's other band, Alter Bridge, is certainly an ongoing concern for him (as is his solo career). Complicated schedules aside, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators looks like a band with a long future, based on their own merits, not just their lineage.

As Slash has gone from being "Guns N Roses guitarist" to a solo artist in his own right, opening act Unlocking the Truth have gone through their own transformation as well: puberty. When they first hit the scene, they were something of a novelty: a band of kids who seemed way too young to master speed metal, but they were playing pretty complex music. Today, they are young men who -- much like Slash, Kennedy and the Conspirators -- are worth watching based on their own merits.


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