What is Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson actually bad at? We asked him and found out during our interview, chatting about the singer's new solo album and comic series, The Mandrake Project.

Other than being one of the greatest metal singers and frontmen of all time, Dickinson is quite accomplished in a lot of other areas. He's an airline captain and has piloted Maiden around the globe on tour, he's written an autobiography and works of fiction as well as a screenplay, he's a highly skilled competitive fencer, airship entrepreneur... the list goes on.

At 65, he's as fit for live performance as he was in his 20s and his voice remains in peak perform, powerful as ever.

While many fans may look at Dickinson as superhuman or some sort of god, alas, he is human just like the rest of us. Which means there are some things he's does not excel in.

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Using his distaste for swimming as a springboard for a detour, the singer enthuses that he shares DNA with an aquatic creature. "I used to be a fish!" he exclaims.

Then, the ever-knowledgeable Dickinson schools us in a primitive reflex young children have that have allowed them to survive being trapped under water for upward of 20 minutes. A wellspring of wisdom, it's a welcome detour.

"So, yeah, what were we talking about before fish and evolution?" he asks with a laugh, returning to the subject of cooking.

Watch the full interview below.

WATCH: What Is Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Actually Bad At? (Interview)

Bruce Dickinson's The Mandrake Project

The Mandrake Project album will be released on March 1. The first edition of the 12-part companion comic series is out now through Z2 Comics.

Dickinson will support the album on tour around the world, with the first date set for April 18 in Mexico.

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