White Noise Owl, a new band with some familiar faces, have teamed up with Loudwire to exclusively debut their their mysterious video for the song "Something" (watch above).

In the Eric Richter-directed clip above, we're introduced to the band members and a hooded figure meeting at an airplane hangar for an exchange. As the guys joyfully speed away in one direction, the hooded man nervously wanders the streets until opening the briefcase which emits a golden glow similar to that of the one in Pulp Fiction. However, we briefly glimpse what appears to be a tiny dancer pirouetting inside looking upward to the light. Each time the case is opens, it appears to provide a euphoric experience, with the hooded figure eventually deciding to share it with others. The clip itself leaves us with a "to be continued," which means there's more of this story yet to come.

Though the name White Noise Owl may not be familar, the group features several rock vets. Pete Murray, whose credits include Ultraspank and Lo-Pro, fronts the band, with Evanescence / Dark New Day drummer Will Hunt, Snot / Lo-Pro bassist John Fahnestock and guitarist Chris Shy rounding out the group.

Murray tells us, "While we wrote ‘Something' a while ago, sadly the lyrics seem to be timeless. We’ve lost a lot of heroes lately. Mental illness does not discriminate. The access we feel we have to people through social media is unparalleled but it’s all through the happiness filter. The truth is that we’re living in dark times, we’re all fighting our own battles and dragging around our own baggage. I think the message of the song is that you’re not alone - there are lots of us out here - doing our best with what we have and we need each other! Therefore we have to hang on. The bigger issue that I think the video brings to life is the loss of human contact we’ve suffered as a species. If we’re there for each other and support each other human to human we fuel a greater power in the universe and we keep the light alive."

Drummer Will Hunt adds, "In the unfortunate and sad wake of tragedies we've seen happen lately to some of our friends and heroes, “Something” should be a battle cry for the belief that there's hope for us all, that things can and will get better, and that all of us have at least someone who can help pick us up when we've fallen. And to add to that, most definitively and very pointedly, that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem... you matter, you are loved, and the world needs you.”

"Something" is featured on White Noise Owl's upcoming album, Condition Critical. Stay tuned for official release details on the disc and keep up with the band via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites.

White Noise Owl

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