The return of Rammstein, and their new songs "Deutschland" and "Radio", has been the biggest phenomenon of the metal world so far in 2019. Despite the German act’s overwhelming popularity, one of the biggest searches for them in Google is “Why Are Rammstein So Popular?” Here are 10 reasons why.

If you think about popular metal bands, especially from the ‘90s and 2000s, they’re all rhythm machines — Korn, Pantera, Gojira, Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Mastodon and every metalcore and deathcore band. Guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers both have right hands like Malcolm Young and Rammstein’s collection of riffs rivals most of their contemporaries.

Rammstein’s consistency is stunning. One reason Rammstein are able to remain so consistent? They’ve never had a lineup change in 25 years. Rammstein have also never had a ‘Spinal Tap’ or Yoko Ono moment, tempting the band to over-conceptualize and futz around with artsy trash. They took the AC/DC route and for that, we’re thankful.

No live show is more ridiculous than Rammstein’s. It’s like Iron Maiden meets Slipknot and Cirque du Soleil. If you want to see blood, fire, explosions, BDSM, cannibalism and a man playing the keyboard on a treadmill, there’s only one band to see, and it ain’t Coldplay.

Check out 10 reasons why Rammstein are so popular in the video above and get ready for the band’s new album to drop May 17.

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