This episode of You Think You Know Metal? is all about Black Label Society / Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. There's a million interesting things to bring up about Zakk Wylde, but here are some choice ones that you may have never known.

Zakk wasn't always a guitar practitioner. Back in his younger days, he played a much less intimidating instrument: the bass clarinet. However, when Zakk did start getting into metal and the six-string, he felt a huge gravitational pull to Ozzy Osbourne shredder Randy Rhoads, even building a crude shrine of the guitarist.

Before Wylde was recruited by Ozzy, he had already met the Osbourne family, though it's almost certain that they didn't remember the encounter.

Zakk attempted to begin a Southern-based project, although it didn't pan out. However, it's the group's reported working title that makes this fact so interesting. Zakk Wylde's first true solo album, Book of Shadows, features a heartfelt tribute to one of rock's great frontman. Do you know which track and artist we're talking about?

Zakk's got a LOT of guitars, many of which he's named after baseball players of Wylde's beloved New York Yankees. Also, the man's Confederate flag-designed Gibson was once shiny and beautiful, but after Zakk saw another rock star jamming one, he began defacing his own axe immediately? Who was it that inspired Zakk Wylde's purposeful de-beautification? You'll find out here!

You Think You Know Zakk Wylde? Test your knowledge of the guitar icon in the clip above! Also, be sure to check out some additional Zakk Wylde videos below.

Script by Ed Rivadavia; Narration by Tony LaBrie; Video Editing by Paul Brasil.

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