Last year, we released a video of legendary drummer Mike Portnoy crushing rock and metal classics on a Hello Kitty drum kit. Ever since, we’ve been searching for a sequel worthy of succeeding Portnoy’s viral video, and today, we present you with Zakk Wylde rocking a Hello Kitty mini-guitar.

As of this posting, Mike Portnoy’s ‘Name That Tune’ Hello Kitty clip has amassed 2.5 million views, making it the most popular video on Loudwire’s YouTube channel. When we found out Hello Kitty made guitars for little kids, we had one iconic player in mind to bring greatness to the Hello Kitty franchise… Zakk Wylde.

Zakk was happy to rock the Hello Kitty mini acoustic and he had the artistic vision to take a different approach than Portnoy. Instead of playing a round of ‘Name That Tune,’ Wylde chose to transpose Tony Iommi’s immortal ’N.I.B.’ licks to the tiny axe.

Zakk, like his beloved New York Yankees, hit it out of the park with ’N.I.B.’, but we also added a little frosting to Zakk’s sonic cake. We conjured up an Ozzy Osbourne adaptation of the classic Hello Kitty mascot, which pops in at the most opportune times to add its aura to Zakk’s transcendental playing.

Zakk Wylde will release Book of Shadows II on April 8. To pre-order a copy, click here. Without any further ado, please enjoy Zakk Wylde performing Black Sabbath on a Hello Kitty guitar in the clip above!

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