We’ve got to tip our hats to the fellow rockers who make everyone feel welcome at shows. Crowd surfing can be the thrill of a lifetime for a fan, and these audiences made sure our disabled friends experienced an unforgettable moment.

At a recent Prophets of Rage festival show, one kid in a wheelchair didn’t just crowd surf through the gigantic crowd… a team of people carried his chair on their shoulders and carried him toward the front. You can see this guy rocking out harder than anyone in the pit and it’s got to bring a smile to your face.

One Iron Maiden fan actually made it into a pro-shot concert during the band’s Book of Souls tour. To get a shoutout from Bruce Dickinson in front of tens of thousands of fans is pretty incredible. “I’ll tell you man, awesome!” Bruce said. “That’s made my year.” It doesn’t get any cooler than that!

We usually don’t write about Coldplay on this website, because… well… it’s Coldplay. But they deserve everyone’s respect for inviting a wheelchair-bound fan onstage while the group played a stadium. The man didn’t just get a moment in the spotlight with Coldplay, he actually busted out a harmonica and performed a duet with Chris Martin, receiving roars of approval from the crowd. Legendary stuff!

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