Hospitals… it’s a place that nobody every wants to be. However, either through injury, visiting sick fans or helping with charitable endeavors, our favorite musicians were able to create these 10 Rock + Metal Hospital Moments.

During a recent trip to Argentina, Megadeth visited a fan in the hospital after he was stabbed. The band members giving their time is heartwarming, but the best part of this moment comes when Dave Mustaine exits the hospital to speak with reporters. “Shut up!” and “Silencio!” Mustaine said to a particularly loud member of the press before adding, “It’s a hospital, what’s the matter with you?”

Slipknot members Sid Wilson and Corey Taylor both make appearances in this video, but for very different reasons. Wilson was brought to the ER after he apparently “cracked his head open” on a door frame. Corey Taylor visited a paralyzed fan in the hospital, sitting down with the young man for over 30 minutes. If you’d like to donate to his recovery fund, click here.

After losing his right leg after a horrific bus crash, The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has spent months rehabilitating at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids, Mich. In this clip, you’ll see the drummer talk about his rehab progression and meet Tkaczyk’s personal doctor, who also turned out to be a drummer. If you’d like to donate to Mary Free Bed, click here.

If this video inspires you to give to any of the organizations seen within, you can also give to Nordoff Robbins, where Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson helped kids by using music therapy; or the Banner Health Foundation, who Linkin Park collaborated with to start their Stars of the Season benefit.

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