If you're a regular viewer of our YouTube channel, you've probably seen our 12 Unforgettable Axl Rose Onstage Moments clip. The compilation has gotten over a million views and now with Guns N' Roses officially confirming their reunion, we present 10 Unforgettable Axl Rose Offstage Moments.

We start off this Loud List with Axl speaking about his youth and being kicked out of his home at age 16 for not cutting his hair. According to Axl, he was also falsely accused of drinking and doing drugs, so he decided if he was going to be scrutinized, he might as well experience the chemicals for himself.

In this clip you'll also hear Axl tell the real-life story which inspired "Welcome to the Jungle." Additionally, he explains why Guns N' Roses chose to end a set in Montreal early, which led to one of the most infamous riots in rock history.

Back in Guns N' Roses' early days, Axl was much more welcoming towards video cameras (as long as they weren't in the audience). You'll see the singer at his most candid in this Loud List, dancing ballet in a hotel hallway and staying in good spirits although he had just been arrested. On the other hand, you'll see Axl's disdain for cameras as he attacks two separate cameramen.

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Axl Rose Offstage Moments in the video above!

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12 Unforgettable Axl Rose Moments

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