Zakk Wylde didn't earn the last name "Wylde" for no reason. The electrifying guitarist has provided the metal world with some of its best riffs, solos, songs and albums. Along the way, he has also provided us with some unforgettable moments.

We've compiled footage from Zakk's days with Ozzy Osbourne all the way through the last couple years. These clips showcase a variety of different moments, from raging mad to reflective and emotional to funny to being the badass he is onstage. You'll find the guitarist roasting Sharon Osbourne, bleeding while shredding and more.

The Black Label Society mainman has one of the most distinct and recognizable playing styles in metal, which he discusses with one interviewer. His guitar does most of the talking to answer the question, but jokes around after stopping, giving some insight into his brand of comedy. In other clips he goes on to detail that this personal style of humor is a band ethos, lending itself to a further understanding of the gang mentality the band has. Each member has their own Black Label Society biker jacket with patches and there are even different chapters represented by fans across the world.

These 10 Unforgettable Zakk Wylde moments give a deeper understanding of the guitar god. Check out the video above and be sure to let us know what your favorite Zakk Wylde moment is. If you have your own Zakk Wylde moment, don't be afraid to tell us in the comments section below.

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