Canadian heavy metal heroes 3 Inches of Blood are one of the few modern bands who have taken '80s heavy metal, put their own spin on it and have recruited an entire new generation of fans. Influenced heavily by notable acts from the '80s New Wave of British Heavy Metal, 3 Inches of Blood's newest offering is their single 'Metal Woman' from their 2012 album, 'Long Live Heavy Metal' -- and we've got the exclusive premiere of the song's music video.

3 Inches of Blood connect with metalheads in a universal way with 'Metal Woman,' because we all desire that hot, tattooed girl clad in black at a metal show! They drive us crazy, they make us weak in the knees and they can turn the burliest headbanger into a child with one striking glare.

'Metal Woman' isn't only a shriekingly awesome track by 3 Inches of Blood, but a lyrical tribute to the women who make every metalhead stick out their chest and put on their best 'tough guy face.' "Bullet belt seduction / Lures you to the chase / Throws her chains around you / Pulls in for a taste / Black Widow wanting / Shows a glimpse of face / Lust will betray you / She'll smash your face."

3 Inches of Blood's black-and-white video for 'Metal Woman' leaves you with wise words -- "Don't betray a Metal Woman / You'll be the prey of a Metal Woman."

The band is currently on tour in Europe, with a North American trek to follow. See their full itinerary here. But first off, check out Loudwire's exclusive premiere of 3 Inches of Blood's 'Metal Woman' music video below. Long live heavy metal!!!

Watch 3 Inches of Blood's 'Metal Woman' Video [Exclusive Premiere]

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