36 Crazyfists frontman Brock Lindow enjoys a good brewski, so it was with great pleasure that he recently decided to do a little beer tasting, offering his opinions on some IPAs. Loudwire is exclusively premiering a video of Lindow tasting of beers from the Dogfish, Harpoon, Two Roads and Blue Point breweries. Watch the beer tasting video above, and also read up on Brock's hangover remedies below:

Directions for Surviving the World Beer Pong Championships or a Whiskey Tornado

by Brock Lindow

This remedy can work for the casual mild hangover to the gnarliest colossal head-crusher that you receive when you have accidentally gone full crazy. I know, I know, you NEVER go full crazy....

There is one weekend a year I know my common sense goes right out the window. I go on a fishing trip every October on the Kenai River with my boys and the intake is not for the faint of heart -- or liver -- for that matter so rehydrating is key.

And truthfully, the fishing is secondary to the guzzlin'.

For starters, you can't drink on an empty stomach; it just proves to be a failure every time, so load up on a big meal and prime the machine.

By now, everyone knows the Pedialyte trick, but I like to up that one by adding in coconut water and GT's Enlightened Kombucha in Cosmic Cranberry. This combo is one that has truly saved me time and time again after a heavy night of drinking savage volumes of bourbon and brews!

Now, I recently read from the master himself, Vinnie Paul, drinks pickle juice to get himself back on track, which really sparked my attention, and you know, if in dire need, I might even try deer blood if I heard it works, so pickle juice is definitely on my radar to be tried. When I do, I'll give you the full report.

Well hopefully this lil' trick of the trade gets you out of the seventh level of hell and gets you back to chanting, "Win or lose, hit the booze." But remember, kids, you gotta hydrate to participate.

Our thanks to 36 Crazyfists' Brock Lindow for sharing his beer drinking expertise. You can check out his band's work as 36 Crazyfists' 'Time and Trauma' disc is available via iTunes and Amazon. To see where the band is playing, click here. And check out the video for their single 'Also Am I' below.

36 Crazyfists, 'Also Am I'