The Amity Affliction have had a busy year. After coming off of the Warped Tour, the band is set to spend the fall touring the States with Chelsea Grin. We had the opportunity to talk with bassist and co-vocalist Ahren Stringer about touring, the rise of talented acts from Australia. He also spoke about the band’s Seems Like Forever documentary and concert DVD, as well as plans for new material. Check out our interview with Ahren Stringer of the Amity Affliction below:

There are such great bands continuously coming out of Australia. What are your thoughts of the influx of bands from your home country getting out there and crossing over to the States and Europe?

I think it just started with a couple of bands like Parkway Drive, who made it big over here, and Day of Contempt before them. I think after they did it, everyone else thought it was possible to do it -- which lights a fire. Just other bands before us and us making it, somewhat over here, it inspires younger bands.

Did you go to a lot of shows growing up and if so what was one that had a big impact on you?

I guess the first concert I ever went to, probably when I was about 13, I saw Millencolin in Brisbane and I was star struck and just thought it was so cool. I instantly said, “I want to do that.”

Talk about the Seems Like Forever DVD documentary film and why you think fans gravitate so heavily to Amity Affliction’s live performance.

We wanted to put out the DVD for a long time and just give people a basic history of where the band started, what we’ve been through as a band, our accomplishments and stuff like that. Our fans have just been real loyal through the whole thing. We’ve lost some fans and made some fans along the way because we’ve been a band for a long time, almost 12 years now. The DVD was just kind of like a gift to the fans, a bit of information, brief history and everything we’ve done.

Being in a band for about 12 years, what keeps you going and what are your future aspirations for The Amity Affliction?

Everything, the fans - it’s our job and we just want to keep making good music and touring and just having fun. We’re just enjoying the ride. My future aspirations are just writing better music for each record and just trying to take it as far as we possibly can.

What does the rest of 2015 have in store for you and the rest of The Amity Affliction?

We’re going to be writing for the new record, coming back to America [with Chelsea Grin] and then going back to Europe after that and then going back to Australia and touring. We were meant to do some writing on the road but we haven’t been, it’s been busy and if you’re not busy then all you want to do is chill out. We’re definitely trying to write but we’ve got a lot of songs written.

Our thanks to Ahren Stringer of the Amity Affliction for chatting with us. Go here to get their latest album 'Let the Ocean Take Me' via iTunes. Check out a full list of tour dates here to see when you can catch the Amity Affliction live.

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