When we asked Amity Affliction bassist / co-vocalist Ahren Stringer to play a round of ‘Would You Rather’ with us, he said it was his “favorite game.” Find out what which musician he would like to have lunch with, why he values his fan base and why he would rather be in the studio versus being on the road. Check out our chat with Ahren Stringer of the Amity Affliction below:

Would you rather be really late for the show or mess up onstage?

That’s easy: Be late to a show.

Would you rather be in the studio or on tour?

The studio, that’s my favorite part of being in a band is creating music and being able to listen to something you’ve made from scratch.

Would you rather have a massive bank account or a massive fan base?

[Laughs] Oh, that one’s hard, a massive fan base. Money comes and goes especially if you gamble as much as I do. Fans are loyal forever.

Would you rather tour with a band you didn’t respect or tour with a band that didn’t respect you?

A band that I didn’t respect because I wouldn’t want to tour with a band that didn’t respect me.

Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who has passed or a music icon who is currently alive? And who would it be?

One who has passed on, Bon Scott from AC/DC. He’s a true Australian hero. He’s one of my idols, I have a tattoo of him, I’m a big fan.

Would you rather live in a world where people broke out into song or where people broke out into mosh pits?

Song, it’d be much nicer to hear, instead of people bashing each other. They’re both cool I guess.

Would you rather be an ‘80s rock band in present day or would you rather be the Amity Affliction in the 80s?  

Oh I don’t know how well we would do in the ‘80s but I would like to live through the ‘80s, that would be fun. It looked fun.

Would you rather have an accordion for legs or a belly that sways to the beat of music?

My belly kind of already sways to the beat of music, accordion for legs sounds pretty fun.

Our thanks to Ahren Stringer for playing ‘Would You Rather?’ with us. Check out some upcoming tour dates where you can catch the Amity Affliction on the road.

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