'Space Invader,' the latest solo album from former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, will be released July 8, and the record's first single, 'Gimme a Feelin',' has debuted via Rolling Stone (listen above).

Frehley spoke with the magazine about the album, saying, "I'm really excited about this record, because everybody that's heard the tracks just says they think some of the tracks are even better than Anomaly (his 2009 album), and even showing another side of me."

KISS were finally inducted into the Rock and Hall of Fame in April, and the induction ceremony will be televised Saturday (May 31) on HBO. The band did not play, and in an interview with Guitar World, Frehley talked about some of the turmoil leading up to the event.

"I was told that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame absolutely wants the four original members to reunite, and I said, 'Great, I’ll do it,'" Frehley says. "And there was silence from Gene and Paul. And finally it was shot down. The next thing I heard is that Paul and Gene wanted to perform with the current Kiss lineup [with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer]. And I said, Well, that’s kind of a slap in the face. I mean, they’re not even being inducted. I have to sit through a Kiss cover band when I’m receiving an award? I don’t think so."

KISS' latest compilation 'Kiss 40' was released on Tuesday (May 27). The 40 songs mark the band's 40th anniversary. There's at least one track from every major album, including live albums, along with some previously unreleased material. Frehley's 'New York Groove' from his 1978 solo album is included. It topped out at No. 13 on the singles chart, the only song that charted out of the four KISS solo albums that were simultaneously released.

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