Ace Frehley recently landed a Top 25 album on the Billboard 200 with Origins Vol. 1. The covers record topped the Billboard Hard Music chart and the buzz is still looming large as the Spaceman has just released a music video for the Free cover, "Fire and Water," featuring Paul Stanley of KISS.

Before the song starts, the video opens on "one sunny day in California" where Frehley and Stanley bump into each other on the street. Acknowledging it's been too long, they agree to rock it out and head off side by side. The warm chords of "Fire and Water" ring in as the duo's signature guitars are placed center stage. Stanley takes lead vocal as the two trade off sauntering riffs and Frehley's trademark smoking guitar comes into play during the solo.

This video goes much deeper than its surface. As diehard KISS and Ace Frehley fans may already know, this is the first music video Ace has released outside of KISS since 1989 with the cover of "Do Ya" by the Move and Electric Light Orchestra. It is also the first time Frehley and Stanley have been featured together since KISS' Psycho Circus in 1998 as well as the first time the two have appeared onstage together since 2002 where KISS performed at the Winter Olympics. How's that for trivia?

Origins Vol. 1 served as the successor to Frehley's last solo effort, Space Invader. The 2014 release landed at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 charts, marking the first time a solo album from any member of KISS, past or present, landed inside the Top 10. Origins Vol. 1 can be purchased through Amazon or iTunes.

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