Lock in and get ready for a new experience as Aeges take you through a conversion in their new video for "A Reason Why" debuting exclusively here at Loudwire.

The clip initially centers on a man on the street doing his best to garner the attention of passersby before eventually finding an open subject in a blond-haired young man who seems accepting of his message and will to hear what he has to offer. It's not long before the man comes calling and finds the leader of the group accepting him into their congregation, but where it goes from there makes it interesting.

Guitarist-vocalist Corey Clark tells us, "The song deals with belief and religion, doubt and cynicism. So the concept of a person being seduced into a cult sounded fun. We kinda played off of the real Heaven's Gate cult from the 90s, where they committed suicide because they believed that aliens would pick them up behind a comet. Our ending is a little different though."

This driving rocker is one of the standout tracks on Aeges' 2016 effort Weightless. The foursome of Clark, singer-guitarist Kemble Walters, bassist Tony Baumeister and drummer Mike Land find the perfect blend of melody mixed the aggression on "A Reason Why." The Weightless album is out now via Another Century and if you like what you hear, you can pick it up via Amazon or iTunes.

Look for Aeges supporting the album on the road. While the schedule is a bit light at the moment, you can stay up to date on their touring activity here.


Another Century
Another Century