Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler shined a light on women's abuse in 1989 with the single "Janie's Got a Gun" and now he's opened Janie's House, a shelter on the outskirts of Atlanta, Ga., to help teenage and young adult women in need.

The Douglasville home comes two years after the forming of Janie's Fund, which partnered with non-profit organization Youth Villages to aid girls who suffer from trauma, abuse and neglect. Tyler's ambitions have extended beyond the fund with the house, which was opened following a ceremonial scarf-cutting event on Wednesday (Dec. 6), now serving as a safe haven.

"This has been something I thought about since I wrote 'Janie's Got a Gun.'" began Tyler. "There's a lot of stuff that you just can't see with your plain eyes and you just can't fix. It's gotta be something that's gotta be an inside job and that takes stopping and that takes therapists to see the real problems to get to it from the inside out and get somebody good from the inside out is really an astounding thing that way they're good for the rest of their life on their own," he added as the Twitter video (seen below) shows women embracing the singer, emotionally moved by his efforts. "And for this place to be here and have it be called Janie's House is just a dream come true," Tyler affirmed.

Meanwhile, Aerosmith' status remains up in the air as Tyler and his bandmate Joe Perry have publicly disagreed about whether or not the legendary rock act will embark on a farewell tour. The singer has hinted that the end is nigh in the past, but any concrete plans have yet to come to fruition. In September, Aerosmith were forced to nix a handful of their South American and Mexican tour dates as Tyler underwent an undisclosed medical procedure.

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