Legendary Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore recently reactivated Rainbow with a new lineup for three special performances at European festivals. With the shows now in the books, Aerosmith and temporary Thin Lizzy bassist Tom Hamilton discussed opening one of these gigs, calling Blackmore's playing "a little flat."

Hamilton was enjoying his first stint outside of Aerosmith, playing with the iconic Thin Lizzy. After performing, the bassist was set to watch one of Blackmore's first rock shows in over 20 years. Recalling the event on WZLX (audio below) with bandmate Joey Kramer, he detailed how the guitarist had the entire stage sectioned off. “Right before they went on, they booted everyone off the stage. They had to watch from the side. And then they put up this tape across the walkway, like ‘do not cross’ red-and-white striped tape. Everybody’s just kind of standing there, staring at them like, ‘Oh, my God. Who’s ever seen a band do that?’ But he really did not want anybody on the stage while he was playing.” While the move is rather unprecedented, it aligns with Blackmore's notoriously introverted nature.

Describing Blackmore's playing, Hamilton stated, “He was playing lead sort of just like right off the record and not in a real passionate way. A little flat." The bass player was also asked how Blackmore looked and if he was fat or thin, to which he replied "a little pudgy." Rainbow's set not only included material from multiple eras of the group, but Deep Purple classics from the MK III and MK IV lineups.

The members of Thin Lizzy have been recording and touring under the moniker Black Star Riders with singer Ricky Warwick. They performed under the Thin Lizzy banner to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of frontman Phil Lynott as well as the 40th anniversary of the standout Jailbreak. Joining Hamilton for the first time as part of this lineup was Judas Priest drummer Scott Travis, who replaced the previously announced Mikkey Dee of Motorhead.

Tom Hamilton on WZLX

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