Cobra Kai are back! Daniel LaRusso is not happy about the return of the controversial dojo and Airbourne are providing the soundtrack in the hotly anticipated The Karate Kid spinoff's official first full trailer. The Australian hard rock outfit's 2013 single "Back in the Game" is featured prominently over more than half of the clip, which can be viewed above.

The YouTube Red original series, which premieres May 2, takes place 30 plus years after Reseda, Calif. transplant via Newark, N.J. LaRusso defeated Cobra Kai dojo bad boy standout Johnny Lawrence in the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. While LaRusso now owns a string of car dealerships and lives in the affluent hills of Encino, Calif. Lawrence, is shown in a seemingly commonplace situation, waking up with a hangover, face down on his living room floor.

Seeking redemption for his past, Lawrence reopens Cobra Kai, much to the chagrin of LaRusso, after inadvertently coming to the rescue of a local high school kid getting beat up by a bunch of bullies. The boy asks Lawrence to educate him in the ways of karate and asks if he'll be his teacher. "No," he answers, "I'm gonna be your sensei."

While not much else is known about the plot of Cobra Kai, one can hope that LaRusso will finally get his comeuppance for being the true bully in the original film. He already comes across as hypocritical by chiding Lawrence for "beating up a bunch of teenagers," which is exactly what his own teacher, the late Mr. Miyagi, did to members of the original Cobra Kai dojo back in 1984.

Airbourne's fourth album, Breakin' Outta Hell, was released in September of 2016. Last spring, guitarist David Roads amicably split the band, and was replaced by Harri ‘The Riff Doctor’ Harrison. And last August, we premiered a previously lost song by the group, "Money," which appeared on their Diamond Cuts box set that hit shelves in September.

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