Australian hard rockers Airbourne are back with their fourth album, Breakin’ Outta Hell, and to nobody’s surprise, it sounds pretty similar to their first three albums. Like their countrymen AC/DC, they have found a formula that works, and they follow that formula very closely.

Airbourne write extremely catchy songs, which is evident from the outset of the album. The title track is a rousing anthem with a singalong chorus and a large dose of swagger. Frontman Joel O’Keefe says that the whole message of the album is evident in the title track.

“Put this record on, and it’s f--k the boss, f--k the traffic fines I just got, f--k all my bills and f--k all the tax I owe,” O’Keefe declares. “I’m going out, I’m getting pissed and I’m going to listen to some rock ‘n’ roll. I’m breaking out of hell!”

“Rivalry” is a mid-tempo stomper with riffs that won’t quit, while the tempo picks up for “It’s Never Too Loud for Me” and gets even faster on “Thin The Blood.” The band’s sense of humor is always on display, evident in song titles that include “When I Drink I Go Crazy” and “Do Me Like You Do Yourself.”

The production on Breakin’ Out Of Hell was handled by Bob Marlette (Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper), who also helmed Airbourne's 2007 debut. The reunion is a successful one, as Marlette gives the production plenty of heft and power while still letting a few rough edges remain.

Airbourne have a history with Motorhead, having toured together over the years. Lemmy Kilmister even played a truck driver in the video for the title track of their debut album Runnin’ Wild. O’Keefe says that the final track on this album, “It’s All for Rock N’ Roll,” was inspired by Lemmy and some other late, great rockers.

“We were thinking about what Lemmy did and then it all started to roll in… Keith Moon, Bon Scott, same kinda guys,” O’Keefe says. “They lived hard and played rock ‘n’ roll their whole life. So this is a song that pays tribute to them and to everyone who loves rock ‘n’ roll. It’s for the performers, the road crews, everyone that’s in the circle – the people who give their lives to rock ‘n’ roll.”

If you’re looking for something deep and meaningful, Breakin’ Outta Hell probably isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for an album that’s the perfect soundtrack for your next rager, grab a copy and crank it up.

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