Attention! About face! Do you have what it takes to be an officer in Al Jourgensen's Ministry Bootcamp? The Ministry mastermind is launching one of the most unique events a fan could ever imagine. If you've pondered what it's like to be a roadie and what all the behind-the-scenes activity looks like at a Ministry concert, here's your chance to immerse yourself into the band's world.

Ministry Bootcamp, in collaboration with Adventures in Wonderland, will take place in Las Vegas between May 20 - 23. Combining work with play, Uncle Al is offering various packages for fans to enlist as either a Sergeant, Major or Colonel under General Al Jourgensen. The bootcamp is a one-of-a-kind experience where fans will have the opportunity to participate in Ministry rehearsals, meet-and-greets, dinner, billiards and more all culminating in learning what it looks like to put on a Ministry show.

Each ranking will include a three-night stay at the Golden Nugget, a $50 food and beverage credit per day, a welcome reception with the band on Friday (May 20) night, access to band rehearsals Friday and Saturday night, access to Ministry's soundcheck Sunday night, access to the Sunday night show with a VIP area, a question and answer session with Jourgensen and the rest of the group, daytime activities with the band, a meet and greet session with Al and the band including a photograph and the opportunity to have one item signed except for Ministry's debut disc With Sympathy and a Ministry merch bag.

The difference between the rankings are the room accommodations. Sergeants will share a room with a randomly selected roommate, Majors will have their own single room and Colonels will get a double bedroom and can share it with whomever they please.

Additional packages are available and include various meals with Jourgensen and even the chance to share some drinks and shoot pool with the frontman. For all details, head to the Adventures in Wonderland website.

Ministry will be heading to Europe for a series of performances starting July 31 in France and ending Aug. 20 in England. For a full list of dates, visit Ministry's Facebook page.

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