The Agonist’s Vicky Psarakis recently made headlines after claiming the group’s former vocalist Alissa White-Gluz “has been trying to kill this band ever since she was fired.” White-Gluz has now responded to those accusations, calling them “completely untrue, false and unsubstantiated.”

After a decade of fronting the Agonist, White-Gluz departed from the band in 2014 to sing for Arch Enemy. Tensions between White-Gluz and her Agonist bandmates had run high before her leave, with neither side truly burying the hatchet since.

"In the beginning, she was doing it a lot through interviews and just talking very badly about the band members," Psarakis told Rock Confidential. "That is super awkward for me, because this is a person I've never met in my life, so it's weird for me to be talking about it. There's no knowing how far and to what extent her reach could be to hold this band back.”

Alissa’s reps from Kult Management, headed by former Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow, released a statement defending White-Gluz. "We welcome people to look through the entire history of all her social media and find a single instance in which she speaks about her or the band she is in. Alissa has had ZERO contact with the rest of the band since 2013 and has more than moved on for years now."

White-Gluz adds, "I want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she is just confused or misinformed. I don't know anything about her and as such, don't have any ill will towards her.”

"I do not have any time, energy or interest to invest in trying to control someone else. Women in metal ALL stick together, no matter what. She and I are both just trying to have our music heard and I know firsthand how emotional and difficult it can be because I've been through it all, working my way from the ground up for years. I have no negative feelings towards her. I think she just misspoke and got emotionally carried away. She is welcome to contact me at any time. I am happy to help her in any way she needs and I sincerely wish her the best.”

The Arch Enemy singer concludes, “I am proud of my fans for taking the high road and not engaging in harassing others. Please do NOT harass Vicky or her band. People make mistakes and we can forgive them. Thank you." [via Blabbermouth]

Arch Enemy’s latest album, Will to Power, came out in 2017. This fall, they’ll be supporting Amon Amarth on their month-long North American tour. The Agonist’s most recent record, Orphans, will be released Sept. 20.

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