Oklahoma based band Aranda have been busy touring this year and are set to release their new album ‘Stop the World’ next year. So when we caught up with singer Gabe Aranda, we wanted to know what kind of goodies he would like this holiday.

When we asked Aranda what he wanted for Christmas, he gave the heartwarming reply, “My dad, it’s pretty simple. I mean a No. 1 hit would be nice, can I get that too, maybe in a stocking. My dad under the tree and a No. 1 hit in the stocking.”

He goes on to say that his family has always been encouraging with music as a career. “They love it. My family’s been so supportive over our whole lifetime honestly, my dad was a guitar player/singer, and my mom, they never did it professionally but they have it in their blood. My dad would sing all the time when we’d go out; he was in the military and we were always in coastal cities and stuff and we’d be out on the beach. I just have the best memories of singin’ with my dad and my brother who would each have an acoustic guitar and it was just fun times.”

He goes on to say, “They never never discouraged us from doing it and I think that’s a huge proponent in it, being where it is now. My grandmother, too,[laughs] bless her heart. I think she’s 83, 84 now. Anytime we’re in town even ‘til this day she’s still at our shows. She loves it. I have to back her off. I’m like 'C’mon you got to chill out.' It’s 2 in the morning, smoke-filled bars and she’s just sittin’ there jammin’, with white hair. You can pick her out of a crowd any night."

However, his rockin’ grandmother hasn’t done any crowd surfing yet. But Gabe tells us, “If I told her it was okay, she probably would.” Check back with Loudwire for our full interview with Gabe Aranda.