Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has gotten a Van Halen tattoo on his upper arm as a tribute to Eddie Van Halen, the guitarist and co-founder of the iconic "Panama" performers who died last week at the age of 65.

The fresh ink on the metal veteran appears to have been a last-minute idea. On Sunday (Oct. 11), Benante shared images of the tat on social media. Accompanying the photos, a description from the drummer made his idea for the Van Halen-themed body decoration seem as if it suddenly emerged in a dream.

"When you wake up with an idea and your friend @billy_raike_tattoos says 'let's do it,'" Benante remarked.

See the tattoo down toward the bottom of this page.

The mark on the Anthrax member's bicep portrays the classic Van Halen "wing" logo, and it appears to incorporate red and black shading. The colors are likely a reference to the design on Eddie Van Halen's unmistakable Frankenstrat, a guitar that had crisscrossing black and white stripes on a red base.

Benante received the ink at Electric Tattoo Parlor in Carpentersville, Ill., a town about 50 miles northwest of Anthrax's current home base of Chicago. The artist who gave the musician the ink, as pictured in Benante's post, is the shop's Billy Raike, a tattooer with 10 years' experience in the art.

The Van Halen tattoo certainly came at a significant time. Just six short days ago, the Anthrax drummer joined myriad other musicians in mourning Eddie Van Halen once news of the shredder's death emerged.

"I often said that He was the One that revolutionized gtr playing," Benante relayed on Oct. 6, the day Van Halen died after a years-long battle with throat cancer. "He was so percussive and his mistakes sound correct (tho he never made one). Our hero's are all leaving and I hate it!!!"

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