One of the greatest thrills of throwing a summer barbecue isn't getting to play commander-in-beef behind the grill (as much as we're sure you indeed are the grill master); it's being the musical commander-in-chief. How many times have you been at a cookout, stuck listening to the summer's freshest pop jams? Forget hearing Katy Perry roar, Axl Rose put it better — "I wanna hear you scream!"

Assembling a sweet playlist to keep your guests in high spirits (other than any spirits being imbibed, of course) can feel daunting. Piling through your library and sorting out which songs should be dominate your party and encroach on any celebratory neighbors is tricky and tiresome. Why not stick to albums bursting with anthem after anthem rather than scouring for just select tracks?

To keep you one step ahead of your planning woes, we've crossed at least one item off your list for you, affording you more time to appropriately do the math to ensure there are enough eight-packs of rolls for your 10-pack burgers and hot dogs. All you need to do is scroll through the gallery at the top of the page to see which 10 Hard Rock + Metal Albums You Should Play at a Summer BBQ.

10 Catchiest Metal Songs


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