The rock scene was booming in 1999. In years prior, a number of different musical movements fought to claim the mantle of top dog after the early '90s grunge era faded away.

Nu metal nudged its way into prominence above all others, with acts like Limp Bizkit, Korn and Staind making their presence felt in '99. Meanwhile rap-friendly acts such as Kid Rock and Rage Against the Machine also left their mark on the year.

You also saw pop-punk starting to make a dent with Blink-182, Lit and the Offspring having a big year. Though still a few years away from becoming a significant movement, emo left an imprint on '99 with American Football and Jimmy Eat World releasing some of their earlier works. Plus you had some major '90s mainstays still going strong.

1999 gave us another Woodstock, albeit a somewhat disastrous one, and the arrival of Coachella. But most of all, it was a very eclectic year for rock listeners with a lot of great music to appeal to different sides of your taste spectrum. So join us as we take a look back at these 50 Rock Songs That Defined 1999.

50 Rock Songs That Defined 1999 Playlist

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