Motley Crue have released their first new song in five years titled "Dogs of War," which is also their first since their split with guitarist Mick Mars.

The track marks the band's first music release since the single "The Dirt," which was featured on the soundtrack for their 2019 Netflix biopic of the same name and featured Machine Gun Kelly. Prior to that, their last single was 2015's "All Bad Things Must End."

However, this is the rockers' first studio song since their split with Mars, who announced his retirement from touring in late 2022. John 5 was officially named as Mars' successor shortly after.

The track marks a new era of Crue, as they've also recently signed with Big Machine Records for the release.

Sixx jokingly described the song as a "powerful cross between country and hip hop" on social media, and fortunately, we can confirm that it doesn't sound like that all. "Dogs of War" is a fresh take on Crue, with a heavy riff and ripping solo from John 5. It's clear that the guitar is the star of this one.

Listen to "Dogs of War" toward the bottom of the page.

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Sixx first started teasing that Motley Crue were working on new music with John 5 in April of 2023 when he shared a photo of them in the studio together, adding that they'd been "writing random riffs" together.

Shortly after, it was revealed that they were working with renowned producer Bob Rock, who produced their albums Dr. Feelgood (1989), Motley Crue (1994) and some other songs in their catalog.

Motley Crue, 'Dogs of War' Single Artwork

Motley Crue, 'Dogs of War' Single Artwork
Big Machine Records

Motley Crue - 'Dogs of War'

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