Have you seen the mask for Slipknot's new drummer?

The band played their first show with the new member tonight (April 25) at a small venue called Pappy + Harriet's in Pioneertown, Calif. near Joshua Tree National Park. It's their first performance of 2024, with the next taking place this Saturday (April 27) at Las Vegas' Sick New World festival.

The new drummer joined Slipknot following their split with Jay Weinberg in November of 2023. He'd been playing with the group since 2014 after the firing of original drummer Joey Jordison.

Of course, whenever there's a new member, there's a new mask. Thanks to fan-filmed footage on TikTok and X, we were able to see what the new mask looks like, though we cannot yet confirm the identity of the drummer.

So check out the new drummer's mask below.

Slipknot's New Drummer's Mask
X - @VinyciuzM

Slipknot Discreetly Revealed the Names of the New Members

Earlier this, Slipknot launched a website youcantkillme.com, which apparently contained hidden clues as it said, "Pay attention... the answers are all around." A fan on Reddit did a deep dive and discovered a video within the site, and opened its source code to see what they were hiding.

A shirt from the Loudwire merch store with the design I 'Horns' Metal, showing a skeleton hand making the metal horns gesture

The individual found files with the first names of all of the members of the band, including "Jeff" and "Eloy." This essentially teased that Slipknot's new drummer is likely Eloy Casagrande, formerly of Sepultura, whom fans had speculated was their newest member after a teaser on social media.

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As for Jeff, the Reddit user further explained that Jeff Karnowski was in the side project Dirty Little Rabbits with Shawn "Clown" Crahan and Michael "Tortilla Man" Pfaff in the 2000s, so he is potentially the "Jeff" that's now a member of the 'Knot.

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