Black Sabbath released 'God is Dead?' on April 18 as the band's first official single from the massively anticipated new album '13.' 'God is Dead?' was unleashed upon us all the day before the 2013 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival began, and to our surprise, most of the festival bands we interviewed hadn't actually heard the track yet. Thus, we busted out the iPod, attached some sweet Bose headphones and offered musicians from acts such as Anthrax, Hatebreed, Every Time I Die + others their first taste of '13.'

The reception for 'God is Dead?' has been incredibly positive since the track's release, but do some of the world's finest metal and hardcore musicians dig the new Sabbath offering?

Check out our exclusive collection of reactions to Black Sabbath's 'God is Dead?' from the 2013 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival:

Frank Bello of Anthrax: "Bass sounds great right off the bat. He [Geezer Butler] has got a bite to the bass, it's heavy. Tony's got that tone again, man. God bless him, what he's gone through … it's amazing. I'm glad he's healthy. That's what I want out of Sabbath. I go to the bass right away and [snaps fingers] he's right in. I'm gonna text him later and say, 'You killed it on the bass!' I'm psyched to say the least about this song."

Joey Belladonna of Anthrax: "This is like a cross between new Ozzy and old Sabbath. I like it. [Imitating Ozzy] 'God is Dead!!!' Ozzy is louder than normal. That's why it sounds more Ozzy-ish."

Frank Novinec of Hatebreed: "It's what I expected, it reminds me of the 'Heaven and Hell' stuff, but with Ozzy singing. Iommi is still the man. I'm really into the Iommi and Friends tapes because I'm a big fan of the 'Born Again' record. It's good, but it's what I expected. It's a polished production. Obviously, the production isn't going to be what it was in the '70s, it's completely different. I actually hear hints of the song 'Who Are You' from 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.' I gotta give it a thumbs-up."

Brian Fair of Shadows Fall: "The production is awesome, it sounds friggin' huge. That's a classic Iommi doom riff right there [5:24]. Ozzy's back in the Sabbath mode, even with the inflections. It's like the old-school stuff. I don't think the Christian right is going to be very happy with these lyrics. [Laughs] This is f---ing awesome, this is way better than what I thought it would be. Ozzy, you've done well."

Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die: "It sounds like they were told to go back and listen to themselves and come to [Rick Rubin] with an album that sounds like Black Sabbath. It sounds great, it sounds really good. That's going to spawn a lot of ripoff bands for sure."

Land Phil of Municipal Waste: "I've heard a snippet of it. I've been a huge fan of Black Sabbath for most of my life. Tony Iommi has a signature sound and I'm looking forward to hearing what he comes up with and how they capture his signature playing style on this new recording, whether they're going to go over the top with the production or strip it back. I'd prefer they strip it back a little bit and make it more raw."

Sami Hinkka of Ensiferum: "Do I have to say anything? It sounds so good, I just want to listen to it! I have to take this [iPod] away because otherwise I would just listen to it. It sounds really good. I really love the bass sound. From a bass player's point of view, it's incredible."

Black Sabbath, 'God is Dead?'