Female-fronted metal mainstays Arch Enemy don’t hold back when it comes to their pummeling, relentless songs. That edge really comes out on the band’s latest album, ‘Khaos Legions,’ and guitarist Michael Amott says creating all that brutal music takes a lot of planning and hard work.

“I like us to be very well prepared,” Amott told Loud magazine. “Actually [producer] Andy Sneap, who works on a lot of our records, says we're one of the most well prepared bands he's ever worked with. We kind of have every detail worked out, and we like to do demos of our stuff as well. Our drummer Daniel [Erlandsson] is very much into recording as well, so we have that advantage of being able to produce quality demos of all our stuff."

He continued, “We don't want to do demos and be prepared to the point where you kind of kill the material, you know, but we like to be prepared and know what we're doing… It's best to be prepared. For us, anyway.”

When writing songs for ‘Khaos Legions,’ Amott says everything came together very organically. “It's not like I'm forcing myself. It's a natural process,” he said. Moreover, he finds time to practice when he’s on the road with the Enemy.

He said, “I play guitar for hours every day... Playing guitar all the time, and when I'm on the road I have even more time to play guitar, because you know you sit around in hotel rooms or backstage most of the time. I just play guitar really, and ideas will come out of that."

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