Many acts have expanded their branding into world of beers and liquor and Metallica may be the next act to do so. According to WhiskyCast, veteran distiller Dave Pickerell has been working with the band on a new Metallica-themed whiskey, and they've also got their eyes on investing in a new distillery.

“I can just say that we’re going to make a killer whiskey product, and probably build a little distillery someplace as well ... putting all the logistics together and crashing just as hard as we can,” the former Maker’s Mark master distiller said in a recent WhiskyCast interview.

He went on to add, "San Francisco (is) the home of Metallica, Louisville (is) the home of Bourbon, and Nashville (is) the home of music, so one of those three seems to make sense. I’m voting for San Francisco and the Bay Area if nothing falls apart."

Though Pickerell revealed the potential for a deal, the band has yet to comment on their involvement and backing of the whiskey venture. The group does have a rather full plate at the moment, having just announced their North American tour plans.

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