Armored Saint roared back after a five-year gap between albums with Win Hands Down earlier this year via Metal Blade. With the original lineup still in tact, save for the late Dave Prichard, the band's sound remains instantly identifiable as the veritable powerhouse they've consistently proven to be. Check out our exclusive premiere of the video for the song "An Exercise in Debauchery" above!

Opening with a sizzling lead, Armored Saint start slugging away with a rumbling rhythm and John Bush's voice enters the fold, which is where the video and lyrics meet head-on. It quickly becomes apparent that the subject matter of "An Exercise in Debauchery" is about an addiction to pornography and masturbation. There's no nudity here, but treat this as an NSFW video to ensure you remain employed.

While the lyrics condemn this addiction, the video plays out the action with a man behind his computer desk, grinning as he searches for different subjects that give him a rise. With some lubricant to his right, the man keeps one hand on the wheel and the other on the shifter with the computer screen serving as his method of transportation to various sexual destinations.

The video includes some comic book-like graphics, with the "ka-pow" style action bubbles to indicate the release the man experiences. Commenting on the video, Bush stated, "I’m so happy with the way this video turned out. The song has a heavy subject matter and the video compliments it perfectly." Noting elements that bring some comedic relief to the matter, he continued, "There’s also a feeling of campiness which makes the viewer fade in and out of being uncomfortable and having a chuckle. The actors did a great job and personal props to my neighbor Sharon who let it all out as the police officer. Oh yeah, the band looks bad ass, as well. Debauchery indeed."

The video was directed by Brian Cox, who has also worked with bands like Prong and Hollywood Undead. Reflecting on the video, he said, "This was by far the most challenging music video I have ever produced. Everything from the direction of the video down to the post-production editing techniques. It pushed my boundaries in every way possible, which is why this one has has landed a spot as my personal favorite video to date!"

Armored Saint recently wrapped up a tour with heavy metal legends Saxon and have a few more shows lined up before the end of the year. Excited for more shows, bassist Joey Vera said, "We're psyched to play these upcoming shows. First at M15 in Corona, Calif. We haven't played Riverside County in a long time, so this is gonna be sick! Then after Thanksgiving, we head out to Europe for two headline shows and two festivals with legends Accept. What a great way for us to end this year. We're cooking up more shows for 2016, so we'll see you all soon!”

For more specifics on the tour dates, fans can visit the band's revamped website, which has added a lot more content. The group also launched a new merch store, offering up the album Win Hands Down in a variety of packages as well as a cool T-shirt selection.

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