Art of Anarchy are getting closer to the release of their sophomore album and first with former Creed singer Scott StappThe Madness, and have just released the fourth song off the album, "Changed Man."

The track rests on the more somber side of the band's sonic spectrum, opening with a tender guitar melody and Stapp's voice before a drum fill signals the rest of the band to come in, remaining subdued as the verse gently moves forward into a sweeping chorus. Lyrically, the song deals with the singer's past troubles including substance abuse and a subsequent meltdown, which he has been open about now that he's been walking the road of recovery.

When we interviewed Stapp earlier this month, we asked him about the lyrical direction behind "Changed Man" and the personal meaning behind it. "Man, that song lyrically came two years before I even met the guys in Art of Anarchy," the singer began to explain. "It was something I didn’t even write down. It was basically, when the music was written for that song and I got inspired. Basically I was recalling a conversation and dialogue that I had with my wife after the crisis we had three years ago, getting to a point where she had almost had enough and had gotten to the place where she felt she may have had enough."

Continuing, he said, "It’s really just my heart to my wife — just fessing up and owning up to, "Hey man, I know what I put you through, but I love you and I hope that you can see after these last two years the work that I’ve put into changing my life. I hope that you can see me as this new person that I’m becoming and want to be. I kind of classify that as a changed man. So, it’s a love song man, but based on real life events. That’s three years ago, virtually the whole world saw transpire in front of their eyes."

Read the full interview here and check out the previously released songs, "The Madness," "Echo of a Scream" and "No Surrender."

The Madness will be released on March 24 via Century Media and pre-orders can be placed through iTunes or Amazon. Catch Art of Anarchy on the road between April 3 and April 29 and all stops can be found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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