Welcome to another episode of the Loudwire Podcast! In Episode 19, we speak with Scott Stapp about Art of Anarchy’s new album, The Madness, Stapp’s recovery from his highly publicized mental breakdown, the greatest pure rock singer of all time and more!

In late 2014, Stapp suffered from a bipolar and substance abuse-based breakdown, culminating with manic episodes where Scott even placed several calls to the White House. Over two years later, Stapp is winning the battle against mental illness, managing to save his marriage and getting back into music with Art of Anarchy.

Speaking of using his past struggles as inspiration for The Madness, Stapp told us, “I jammed every bit of it into this record. Art of Anarchy came along at a time where I was off the heels of that difficult time in my life, so artistically I was tapped into all those emotions and processing that experience. It was just inevitable that it came out in the music.” Later in the podcast, co-host Graham Hartmann even shared his lowest point in fighting mental illness with Stapp.

In this podcast’s edition of Rocker vs. Writer, we debated the greatest pure rock singer of all time with Stapp. Though he’s a massive Led Zeppelin fan, Stapp chose Soundgarden's Chris Cornell as his pick, while podcast co-host Joe DiVita argued the merits of Judas Priest’s own ‘Metal God’ Rob Halford.

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