If you're sorry, oh so sorry, you needn't look any further than this song to help you plead your case. 'Sorry' is the third single from Art of Dying's 'Vices and Virtues' and it's a power ballad that should make itself useful and take on a life of its own as a sonic crutch for all the dudes who mess up with their girls and have to eat crow.

We can just imagine some guy out there with his tail between his legs, playing this song in the background or putting it on a mixtape or CD to help him out while making an awkward or difficult  apology while trying to smooth things over with the one he has hurt. Nice work, Art of Dying. You've got a transcendent anthem on your hands.

While the song, for the most part, is a bit more mid-tempo and energetic than the typical big rock ballad, it does have one helluva shredtacular part in the bridge. It's a ballad with bite and some rather sharp teeth. But it still manages to balance the bite with serious emotional weight. There is not an ounce of lightweight-ness in this contemplative rocker.

So many radio-ready rock ballads are sanitized or overly vanilla, but there's an electro-charged pulse at the damaged heart of 'Sorry.'

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