Do you know who you are? It's an interesting question and one that Atreyu take a closer look at in their new video for "Do You Know Who You Are?," which is premiering exclusively here at Loudwire.

The song itself is one of the catchiest tracks you'll hear this year, with a stomp-clap beat that's certain to resonate with fans and will likely translate well to the stage. As for the video, we see the band examining that question and one thing is clear -- no person is only one specific thing. The group's members and other participants hold up signs stating specific qualities of who they are, from a father to a veteran to a songwriter to someone who lives in the moment. It's a very empowering message that shows that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Atreyu's band members got a chance to learn more about who they were outside of the group when they went on hiatus in 2011. During the time away, each band member got to experience life through other projects or through their home life. In 2014, the band reunited, began working on new music and resumed playing live shows.

The group just released their sixth studio album Long Live, which has already yielded such tracks as "Start to Break" and the title cut. Long Live is currently available via Amazon and iTunes. Look for the band on tour supporting the disc at these locations.

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