The members of Atreyu continue to explore their options while the band is on hiatus. The latest musician to surface with a new project is guitarist Travis Miguel.

The axeman is lending his talents to the new band Fake Figures, which also features the Iron Maidens guitarist Heather Baker, Nightfall drummer J Po, Scars of Tomorrow bassist Bob Bradley and Hotwire vocalist Rus Martin. The group recently issued their debut EP, 'Hail The Sycophants.'

An eerie new video directed by DJay Brawner for the EP's lead single 'Something Deadly' can be seen at Noisecreep. Martin says of the song, "The origin of the song's lyrics came from unfortunate events that occur like Columbine, the Arizona shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the shooting at Fort Hood, and the Virginia Tech massacre. 'Something Deadly' describes how someone can go from the last step of sanity into the first of insanity, causing a tremendous amount of pain to innocent people."

The upstart rockers pull from influences of punk, thrash, and metal for an anthemic release, that also features such standouts as the all-out opening track 'Perfect No One,' the blistering cut 'Causti' or the moody, atmospheric curveball 'As We Drift.'

Miguel's band isn't the only Atreyu offshoot project. The group's screaming vocalist Alex Varkatzas has been working with Bleeding Through's Brandan Schieppati in the band I Am War. And last year, drummer and melodic vocalist Brandon Saller released his first music from the new band Hell or Highwater.

Preview the Fake Figures new 'Hail The Sycophants' EP via an online stream and if you like what you hear, buy it at iTunes.

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