What do Atreyu sound like in 2015? That's a good question. The band evolved quite a bit between their first album in 2002 and the time of their hiatus in 2011. Then there was the variety of side projects that likely have factored into who they are as musicians at this point. But Atreyu re-activated last year and they're in the process of recording a new disc.

As such, they've also offered some updates on the new album. Co-vocalist Alex Varkatzas recently teased a return to his heavy roots, stating in a Facebook post, "The lyrics for the new album have been done for a few days. I will finish vocals tomorrow. Absolutely no melodic vocals on my end. AMEN! Happy to get back to my roots and still bring in some new tricks. My brothers and I have made our best record yet. Can't wait to share it with you all."

While that's interesting, it should be noted that drummer Brandon Saller has typically handled most of the melodic vocals during the band's career. However, should you doubt the intensity of Varkatzas' vocals, check out the Facebook post below:

The co-vocalist also teased in another post that he and Saller may not be the only vocals we hear on the new album. He states, "We may have some guest hardcore, punk and metal vocalists legends on this record. I'm beyond excited at the chance!"

While the band is working on new music, they appear to also be preparing for their post-studio return to the road. The band was just announced as one of the performers at the Amnesia Rockfest. This follows already announced shows at Australia's Soundwave Festival, the South by So What festival in Grand Prairie, Texas, and a couple of East Coast dates in late April. Check out their tour dates here.