Not really sure where to begin here, so we'll just jump right into it: A recently returned Attack Attack! have written a country, j-pop, metalcore song called "Kawaii Cowboys."

This is the crabcore revivalists' first musical offering since their comeback track, "All My Life," which was their first new song in eight years. The song, which came in December of last year, was also the first music featuring their new lineup consisting of original members Andrew Wetzel and Andrew Whiting, as well new vocalist Chris Parketny. The band announced their return and that they were working on new music with legendary producer Joey Sturgis back in October of 2020.

Attack Attack! began teasing something April 19 with a tweet claiming "Metalcore will be altered FOREVER."

Since the song dropped on streaming services, the scene has responded and the reactions, which you can see below, are really all over the place.

You'll have to listen below and decide for yourself whether you think this is the future of metalcore or one massive trolling effort from the scene at-large.

Attack Attack! "Kawaii Cowboys"

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