Crabcore forefathers Attack Attack! have returned with their first new song in eight years, "All My Life."

The track follows the band's reunion announcement earlier this year, which we broke on Note To Scene. It also marks the first song infamous scene-metalcore producer Joey Sturgis has worked on since Asking Alexandria's The Black album in 2016.

"All My Life" takes notes from newer Bring Me the Horizon and Falling In Reverse material, incorporating modern electronic and rock elements. Attack Attack!'s reunited lineup consists of original members Andrew Wetzel and Andrew Whiting, as well Chris Parketny and Jay Miller.

You can listen to "All My Life" and read the lyrics below.

Attack Attack! "All My Life"

"All My Life" lyrics

You blinded my eyes now for way too long
Well I thought we were friends, but you proved me wrong
You got in my head with the things that you said
And you left me a mess now to top it off

There’s one of us here without virtue
Look in the mirror, don’t want to
You’re keeping me down for your debut
But your reign is through

All my life I was seeing smoke
All my life I was breathing smoke

You work your way into my lungs like a virus in the air

A simple plague can’t cut me off
I’ll never fall in line just to suffocate

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