August Burns Red frontman Jake Luhrs is doing some good in his local community in the midst of a devastating pandemic that has taken a toll on the health of individuals, both mentally and physically. That's why he opened the YourLife Gym, which differs from the typical fitness center in that it also places emphasis on mental health.

The gym is located in the band's home town of Lancaster, Pa. at 2301 Harrisburg Pike and offers mental health classes that are complementary to the physical routines in an effort to better both the body and mind. Dietitians are also on staff and YourLife Gym offers physical therapy sessions as well.

Luhrs, who started the HeartSupport non-profit organization in 2010 to combat depression, suicide, addiction and other areas of personal adversity, was inspired to open the gym after seeing the disruption in daily routines spurred by the coronavirus pandemic.

The mission statement from YourLife Gym, which is found on their website, reads as follows:

The hustle life and “hard work” mindset have left many emotionally and mentally bankrupt. We prize accomplishment or image while our internal well-being suffers. We forget that our mental well-being plays into so much more, but when people head to the gym, many are after that elusive unicorn—to feel mentally better about themselves by looking better.

If the mind is weak, it won’t matter how strong our body is because we’ll continue to lack contentment and fulfillment in life. A body transformation may solve some problems, but not the deep-rooted seeds of depression and anxiety or every day battles like stress.

That’s why we believe people are most impacted when they’re engaged not just physically, but mentally as well. Fitness is our instrument, but community and compassion bring about the solidarity we need in a world reeling from the social impact of a global pandemic.

Your mind is the battlefield. Now reclaim YourLife.

A 20-minute documentary on the gym was also made and can be viewed in full directly below.

The YourLife Gym Documentary

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