Simply put -- legos are awesome. For years, they've helped young children learn how to build and create and have been a definitive tool in developing young minds. But for some, the fascination with legos has gone way beyond childhood with fully fledged art projects evolving using the lego technology.

Now, a music fan has figured out how to recreate some of music's greatest album covers with digitally created lego pieces. Check out the Tumblr website at where a number of great album art has been recreated and see some of the most awesome lego album covers below:

  • 'Master of Puppets'

  • 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here'

    Alice in Chains
  • '13'

    Black Sabbath
  • 'Dookie'

    Green Day
  • 'Nevermind'

  • 'Ten'

    Pearl Jam
  • 'Songs for the Deaf'

    Queens of the Stone Age
  • 'Rage Against the Machine'

    Rage Against the Machine
  • 'Mother's Milk'

    Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 'Superunknown'

  • Bonus

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