Since California legalized marijuana, a brand new cash crop has opened dispensaries across the state. Even musicians are getting in while the bud is hot, including Cypress Hill / Prophets of Rage vocalist B-Real, who just opened Dr. Greenthumb’s in Los Angeles.

If you’re unaware of the creative symmetry between Cypress Hill and weed, we’ve got some breaking news for you: throughout the ‘90s, Cypress Hill wrote some of hip-hop’s greatest stoner anthems, like “Hits From the Bong” and “I Wanna Get High.” “Dr. Greenthumb” is another standout Cypress cut, and inspired the name of the dispensary.

In the neighborhood of Sylmar, B-Real met with fans during the ribbon cutting ceremony for Dr. Greenthumb’s, which specializes in high-quality bud. Though taxes for dispensaries are high in California and there are still plenty of street dealers in the state, B-Real is optimistic about his newest endeavor.

“Sylmar is our backyard so to speak,” B-Real tells LA Mag. “For my team, it is practically where it all started. Where the beginning of our love for cannabis and cultivation crossed paths. So it made sense to do it there when the opportunity came about. This also will be one of the first high-end dispensaries to come to the San Fernando Valley area, which is an under-served market right now.”

For you Californians, you can find Dr. Greenthumb’s at 12751 Foothill Blvd. in Sylmar.

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