It's a good year for a comeback! 2023 will have plenty of rock and metal bands making a splash with big comeback albums. And why not? This year is as good as any for the rock and metal return.

Are any artists on your radar preparing to release their first album in several years in 2023? Off the top of our heads, a few big names already have their belated album releases locked in. But even if there's not a release date yet, several rock and metal comeback albums are on the horizon this year.

Are you ready for a comeback? Because that's what the following bands are doing — see them down toward the bottom of this post. And get ready for a 2023 filled with rock and metal comebacks!

After all, it's never too late to rock, as some of these bands are teaching us. And even if it's been a few years since your favorite band released an album, there's no time like the present for them to drop another one. What other awesome rock comebacks do you remember from recent years? And do you have already your mental calendar marked with some big release dates this year? Let's get into it.

Below, see some rock and metal bands that are (or are very, very likely) going to release comeback albums this year. Underneath that, see a list of the 100 best rock and metal albums of the 21st century.

10 Rock + Metal Bands Releasing Comeback Albums in 2023

The following rock and metal bands are all making 2023 their year to come back in a big way — with a new album after a long while. Are you excited for these 2023 rock and metal comebacks?

100 Best Rock and Metal Albums of the 21st Century

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