UPDATE (Aug. 8, 2023): Behemoth have now confirmed their donation of roughly €2,200 (about $2,400) is going to a children's hospital in Nergal's hometown of Gdansk, Poland.

Behemoth tried to do a good thing and donate money to kids in need, but UNICEF Poland and the Company With Heart program have outright rejected the monetary offering, explaining why in an email response that was sent to the band's webstore organizers.

Basically, Behemoth are being told that their money is no good here because of the band's messaging in their music and visual art.

How Behemoth Raised Money for Charity

In July, the band's webstore put charity teddy bears on sale, ensuring the profits will go toward a children's charity.

The all-black teddy bear features an X over both eyes and the Behemoth insignia emblazoned over the belly with a tag that says, in part, "100% Satanic." The first 50 bears sold out almost immediately and another batch was released for sale on July 22.

What Happened When Behemoth Tried Donating the Money?

Updating fans on the charitable initiative, the webstore laments that their donation was turned away by UNICEF Poland's Company With Heart program.

The webstore posted a screenshot and translation of the response email, which states,

Thank you very much for your interest in our organization and your willingness to join the "Company with Heart" program.

According to its regulations, each entity applying for participation in the program is subject to verification in terms of potential risks related to establishing cooperation.
Unfortunately, we would like to inform you that due to the nature of the messages accompanying the products you sell, we cannot qualify you for participation in this particular Program.

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"Shame on you, @unicef @unicefpolska . I am totally speechless. Do you REALLY want to help the kids out there? Thankfully, there are some other foundations which will accept the money for children," the account's administrator comments, seeking suggestions from Behemoth fans as to where the donation should go instead. "Legions, can you suggest any?"

What Have the Members of Behemoth Said?

In a video Instagram post showing news headlines related to the rejection of the donation, Behemoth vocalist/guitarist Nergal shows appreciation for the charitable will of his fans, reassuring everyone that the money will still go to a charity and that details will be published once this has been done.

Meanwhile, bassist Orion commented on the webstore post that announced the rejection news, calling UNICEF "pathetic."

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