In ‘the most metal thing that’s ever happened’ news, Behemoth and Dying Fetus both granted a deceased fan’s final wish of having his ashes scattered at the bands’ shows.

You read that correctly; Behemoth and Dying Fetus both scattered a fan’s ashes during a live show. The fan’s name was Nick and he deeply loved the extreme metal acts. During Behemoth’s April 29 performance in Chicago, frontman Nergal was the one to bid Nick farewell before playing “Antichristian Phenomenon.” “I have never done this before,” Nergal began. “Our friend and massive Behemoth fan; his name was Nick. All I’ve got to say is, wherever you are, rest in peace, my friend.” You can check out that video above.

Nick’s favorite Dying Fetus song was “Homicidal Retribution.” Fittingly, the death metallers dispersed Nick’s ashes in the pit during the track, giving him the most brutal sendoff in metal history.

A vial of Nick’s ashes was delivered to Dying Fetus, who shared a photo on Facebook:

After overwhelming support, Dying Fetus shared the news that Nick’s will had been done:

We scattered nicks ashes in the pit for his favourite song, homicidal retribution, may he RIP. Rest in the pit \m/

In another video, Nick’s ashes seem to be given to Taake vocalist Hoest during the band’s Chicago stop on Feb. 26. Hoest looks to ask a man named David (who posted the clip) for Nick’s ashes, grabbing them and ceremoniously emptying the vial at the back of Taake’s stage.

Morbid as it may be, these acts for a true fan is pretty awesome… beautiful even. So cheers to Nick, his favorite metal bands and the friends who made his last wish a reality.

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