Since their formation in 1992 (after switching their name from Betrayer), Austria's Belphegor have risen to become a world-renowned blackened death metal powerhouse. They built their early success on the back of albums like Necrodaemon Terrosathan and Lucifer Incestus, continuing their legacy of sexually depraved Satanic metal through the present day with the impending Totenritual and its newest offering, "Apophis - Black Dragon."

For over a decade, bassist Serpenth has been at the side of vocalist / guitarist and sole remaining founding member Helmuth as the two further defined Belphegor's signature sound. With the artillery fire of Simon "BloodHammer" Schilling rounding out the trio, the group widens the divide between Heaven and Hell with rapturous melodies accented by bursts of blast beats, countered by driving rhythmic blows.

In recent years, Helmuth has altered his vocal approach, switching from mid-range, gravel-throated rasp to a lower, almost gurgling death rattle and "Apophis - Black Dragon" might be the most malevolent implementation of this style yet. The track is one of nine new hymns of blasphemy that will make up Totenritual, with two additional live songs arriving in the Digipak format. See the artwork and full track listing below.

Totenritual will be Belphegor's 11th studio album with a release date set for Sept. 15 through Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders are available now at the label's webstore and will come with instant gratification downloads of "Apophis - Black Dragon" as well as the previously released single "Baphomet."

Belphegor, Totenritual Album Cover

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

Belphegor, Totenritual Track Listing

01. "Baphomet"
02. "The Devil's Son"
03. "Swinefever - Regent Of Pigs"
04. "Apophis - Black Dragon"
05. "Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration"
06. "Totenbeschwörer" (instrumental)
07. "Spell Of Reflection"
08. "Embracing A Star"
09. "Totenritual"
Bonus (Digipak):
10. "Stigma Diabolicum" (live)
11. "Gasmask Terror" (live)

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