Best New Act is always one of our favorite categories when we launch our annual Loudwire Music Awards. With each year, we love to be taken by storm by the future of rock and metal, and we believe these 10 acts have what it takes.

Some of these bands you may have come across, some of them you may have not. Either way, carve out some time to check them out before voting for your personal favorite in the poll below!

  • BMD Fox
    BMD Fox


    Perhaps the most polarizing band of 2014 was J-pop / metal sensation BabyMetal. Fronted by Su-Metal, 16, Yuimetal, 14, and Moametal, 14, the trio ushered in a totally new hybrid of music. The endless metal family tree grew a new branch with the release of the group's debut self-titled in 2014, consisting of standout tracks such as 'Megitsune' and 'Gimme Chocolate!!'.

  • Wind-Up


    There's been a bit of buzz about Crobot for a little while, but 2014 was the band's breakout year. The Pennsylvanian hard rock band unveiled both their self-titled EP and debut album, 'Something Supernatural,' in 2014.

  • Season of Mist
    Season of Mist


    Perhaps one of 2014's most overlooked acts, Welsh progressive sludge metallers Hark released a fantastic debut full-length in the form of 'Crystalline.' The dirty groove here is top-notch from the three-piece, as is the overall songwriting and Jimbob Isaac's guitar prowess.

  • Victory


    Islander made waves (zing!) in 2014 with their debut studio album, 'Violence & Destruction.' With the somewhat unexpected nu-metal resurgence in the past year, Islander managed to stand out, allowing comparisons to P.O.D. and Deftones.

  • Sumerian

    Lesser Key

    When you come from a group with a pseudo-religious following like Tool, you're bound to attract fans with a new project. However, former Tool bassist Paul D'Amour doesn't need his past to succeed with Lesser Key. The atmospheric and highly addictive 'Lesser Key' EP emerges with soft patience, especially with the opening cut, 'Intercession.'

  • Season of Mist
    Season of Mist


    Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris set out to create something totally unique with Menace, and unlike many side projects from notable musicians, Harris got it right on his first try. Menace's debut album, 'Impact Velocity,' is packed with incredible cyber metal beamed down straight from outer space.

  • Eleven Seven
    Eleven Seven

    Nothing More

    Perhaps the biggest breakout rock band of 2014 was Nothing More. After self-releasing five albums, Nothing More finally broke through to the mainstream with their stellar 2014 self-titled disc. While the band isn't exactly new, they were definitely new to rock radio with the hits 'This Is the Time (Ballast)' and 'Mr. MTV.'

  • Warner

    Royal Blood

    One could argue that Royal Blood is the most promising two-piece rock band since the White Stripes. Hailing from England, the band unleashed its debut self-titled album in 2014, gaining massive acclaim from rock gods such as Dave Grohl and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

  • Photo Credit: Jonathan Weiner
    Photo Credit: Jonathan Weiner


    We'd call Starset a breath of fresh air, but we're not sure what the members are breathing inside those space suits. Combining electronic pop with cinematic rock, Starset captured imaginations with their debut album, 'Transmissions.'

  • Facebook: With Our Arms to the Sun
    Facebook: With Our Arms to the Sun

    With Our Arms to the Sun

    Ever since we found these dudes out in the Arizona desert, we became addicted. The transcendent metal act released 'A Far Away Wonder' in 2014, creating some of today's most immersive music within the genre. Highly instrumental and experimental, With Our Arms to the Sun have a beaming future.

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